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Available for Win95 or Win3.1 in typing or reading Han-characters in BiG-5 or GB coding.

Here I am more than happy to  recommend a handy BiG-5 software ( for Win95  or
Win3.1 ),  named TwinBridge,  available for handling  Hanji / Han-characters /
Taiwanese Mandarin, either in typing or reading, as follows:

                The following is the process to install Big-5:   

0).   Please access to your file manager of your pc  and creat a new directory
named "twin40d" in your personal account (hard disc space) before you download
the big-5 software, "twinbridge".

1).   Click here and download the TwinBridge BiG-5.

2).   If there is a little frame ( with four grey buttons within) appearing on
your monitor  after you click the above step (1),  then,  just click the "copy
file" button among the four buttons mentioned above, then,  your computer will
execute and download the big-5 file named "cp40demo.exe". Or, there's a little
frame entitled as  "save as"  on your monitor instead,  then  choose the right
directory "twin40d" and click on the "save" button. ( Here, Do remember to set
the right download path  to your newly created directory,  that is,  "twin40d"
mentioned at point zero above.)
3).   After downloading, leave Netscape or Explorer along  and go back to your
file manager and get into  the "twin40d" directory  in your personal hard disk
space.  Then,  double  click  on the "cp40demo.exe".  Hence,  it will be self-
unzipped/ inflated into several files.
4).   Among the newly auto-inflated files, please find out the "setup.exe" and
double click on it to commence your setup process following the description on
the monitor step by step. Here, Do remember to set the accurate path while the
monitor want you to choose your path for setup.-- e.g. if your hard disk space
is in "directory X:\"  rather than in "directory C:\" , then, please enter the
accurate path as follows ==> "  X:\twin40d ". Example 2, if your personal hard
disc space is in, such as, "  H:\5711438\ ", then, you have to modify the path
shown on the monitor as follows, ==> "  H:\5711438\twin40d  "
(namely, the  "H:\5711438\"  is your personal disc space  in school system and
the  "twin40d"  is the subdirectory created by you for the purpose of managing
your big-5 software effectively.)
6).   After this setup , choose the very icon resulting from the setup process
and double click on it and enjoy your net surfing.
7).   Next time  when you need this software to work for you, simply enter the
file/ program manager  and  double click on the  "twin40.exe"  rather than the
"setup.exe" to save your time.
Should you have any query, please feel free to contact me via email.

Best regards
Charlie-Chuck-Chuck  (01/11/97)
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This Instruction respecting how to download and set up
Twinbridge BiG-5, established on the 24th of June 1998,
is for use at   [ the Taiwanese Dah-Sir-Guan in the UK ].